Hand Stress Balls, Therapy Squeeze Relief Soft Balls for Anxiety & Hand Strengthening Grip Exercise & Physical Rehabilitation, Great for Adults, Kids & Elders (3 Density Reliever)

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Brand: Penzance


  • Relieve stress & anxiety: Penzance hand stress balls are the best squeeze physical therapy relievers for mental tension, stress, and anxiety. Squeezing stress relief balls can relax your brain and stop being focused on what stresses you. Own positive and healthy thoughts even in the most stressful situation
  • Hand exercise & strengthen grip: Squeezing hand stress relief ball every day is the easiest hand exercise to improve strength and hand mobility. Increase blood flow and circulation in your hands, fingers, & forearms with every squeeze to relieve stiff joints or carpal tunnel caused by too much work on computers, phones, and tablets. Optimal for rehabilitation and post-surgery recovery
  • Soft and durable & shape restore quickly: Ergonomic stress relief therapy ball made of TPR soft gel core and sleek durable non-stick lycra fabric. Hand stress reliever balls come back to shape fast after being squeezed at will. Hand stress ball's diameter is 2.36 inches, features 3 different degrees of grip resistance from soft to hard. Easy to use and washable
  • Makes a perfect gift: Hand stress ball is an awesome gift for adults, kids, students, teachers, elders, and colleagues who are prone to high anger or anxiety. The 3 stress balls come with a drawstring bag, which makes it's very portable to carry in your daily routine: office, car, school, living room, etc. Best choice for watching TV and boring meetings
  • What you get: 3 different resistance level hand stress balls, 1 drawstring bag, and 1 user guide

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: Penzance Hand Stress Balls with 3 different squeeze resistance levels Research shows that using hand therapy stress ball can actually enhance emotional stability and deliver significant physical benefits. Knowing this, make sure that you have stress relief balls in your daily routine: office, home, school, etc. Do Hand Stress Balls Work? Of course, YES. You may think the stress relief balls are small, simple, and ineffectively at first glance. As the old saying says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” These small-but-mighty stress relievers truly do help for mental tension, stress, and anxiety. Tips Before Use: 1. If you feel unwell or in any unusual discomfort, please stop using the product immediately. 2. DO NOT throw your ball to pets, especially dog, it will regard it as a chew toy. 3. DO NOT try to put excessive pressure on the ball. Each ball has a maximum pressure capacity. 4. DO NOT try to take apart the lycra fabric cloth of the bal.l 5. DO NOT continue to use this product after it has been damaged. 6. DO NOT put heavy objects on the product. Key Benefits of the Penzance Hand Stress Balls 1. Relief your mental anxiety and stress 2. Enhance grip strength 3. Relax your brain and mind 4. Increase blood flow and circulation 5. Relieve stiff joints or carpal tunnel 6. Relieve body discomfort 7. Promote better sleep 8. Rehabilitation and post-surgery recovery 9. Improve concentration and creativity 10. Relax during meetings Specifications 1. Material: TPR soft gel core and sleek durable non-stick lycra fabric 2. Diameter: 2.36 inches 3. Odor: Odorless, non-toxic 4. Color: Gray, Blue, Black 5. Grasping Stress: 40lbs/Gray, 50lbs/Blue, 70lbs/Black What’s In the Box? Soft ball(Grey) x 1 Medium ball(Blue) x 1 Hard ball(Black) x 1 User Guide x 1 Gift Bag x 1

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches